Types of retainers 1

So you’re finished with your braces? Congratulations! Do not forget to wear your retainers or you will end up where you started. “Orthodontic relapse” cases – i.e. patients who had braces but didn’t wear their retainers is a booming business – but I’m sure you don’t want to pay your […]

fixed retainer

Lingual Braces Comparison – Incognito braces, Suresmile QT, MTM NoTrace, STB Light

So you’ve decided you want lingual braces. Does it matter which brand your orthodontist uses? The differences between different lingual brace systems are not commonly discussed in the office, but can affect treatment time, cost, and comfort during treatment. Moreover, orthodontists offering lingual braces are fewer and far in between […]

lingual braces digital wire

Veneers or orthodontics

Say you are 30, 40 or 50 years old, working as a teacher, in sales, in an office and you want to straighten your teeth. Are you willing to show a full metal jacket smile to your students, clients, or coworkers for 2+ years? How about going on a date […]

Does Invisalign work?

Factors which affect how well Invisalign works Dentists and orthodontists familiar with the Invisalign system may be familiar with the term “predictability,” in other words does Invisalign work? Does it really deliver the results that the patient wanted and the dentist planned? There are many different factors that determine whether […]