What to eat with braces – 30 ideas for braces food

Did you just get your braces on? Put in a new Invisalign tray? If your teeth really hurt, an Advil can help, but the best remedy is simply eating really soft food. That doesn’t have to mean pudding for breakast, lunch and dinner. Here are some ideas to get you started. Braces foods are listed from softest (liquid) to requiring a little bit of chewing (for when your braces hurt but not as bad as day 1)

Braces food

Breakfast braces foods

  1. Cream of wheat
  2. Oatmeal – Spice it up with cinnamon or cocoa powder, but skip the chopped nuts and dried fruits.
  3. V-8 vegetable juice – not my favorite but a must-have for portability.
  4. Fruit smoothies – mix it up with mango, apple, pear, frozen strawberries, endless possibilities. Add yoghurt for protein.
  5. Protein smoothies (add whey, soy or hemp protein powder, fruit, and optionally almond butter or other nut butters for a dose of good fats and creaminess)
  6. Over-easy eggs – Nice and runny!
  7. Yoghurt (try different flavors to alleviate boredom, you will end your braces with very healthy gut bacteria!)
  8. Cottage cheese – if your braces just hurt a little, this is delicious with very very ripe (soft) pear slices)
  9. Pancakes, slightly undercooked, and add extra syrup to make them nice and mushy
  10. Crepes – go for crepes with mushy bananas or nutella.

Lunch & dinner with braces

  1. Soups (Chicken noodle, tomato basil, puree of carrot, leek-potato, pretty much any pureed veggie….)
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Mashed, steamed vegetables (turnips, cauliflower)
  4. Roasted sweet potatoes or yams
  5. Polenta – Delicious corn mash, prepare with vegetable broth.
  6. Risotto – With well cooked mushrooms this is the best!
  7. Quinoa, cooked very well with vegetable broth and zucchini or soft vegetable of your choice.
  8. Mexican un-burrito (Canned refried beans (go for refried black beans for extra fiber), melted cheddar cheese and non-chunky salsa)
  9. Stuffed avocados – Peruvians stuff them with seafood, you can stuff soft, ripe avocados with imitation crab
  10. Tilapia, very well steamed – try with different marinades

Soft desserts

  1. Jello  Рok, not that gourmet, but very easy and portable
  2. Pudding – chocolate, tapioca, caramel – you name it.
  3. Frozen yoghurt or Icecream – freeze away the pain.
  4. Milkshakes & frappuccinos – hello Starbucks!
  5. Mashed bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon. For a treat, microwave it and add icecream.

Diet foods for braces

  1. Ricotta cheese + cinnamon & splenda – this is a popular low-sugar, protein-packed South Beach diet recipe)
  2. Chia pudding – chia seeds, heated with coconut milk, and stevia make a delicious, healthy vegan pudding packed with Omega-3’s.
  3. Green smoothies (add fruit plus kale, parsley, or spinach for a fix of fresh veggies. Sounds gross but it’s really not that bad as the fruit hides the taste of the veggies). Optional to add protein powder.
  4. Yoghurt & kefir – full of probiotics to aid digestion. Go for greek and unsweetened yoghurt.
  5. Green juices – always wanted to go for wheatgrass, celery or carrot juice? This is the perfect time!

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