9 tips to prevent ceramic braces stains

Ceramic braces stains quickly turn a hardly noticeable orthodontic treatment into a yellowish brown mess. If you have ceramic braces, you want to make sure they continue to look great throughout your treatment. Technology continues to improve to make ceramic braces more and more stain resistant. How easily your ceramic braces  stain depends on the type of ceramic braces that you have. However, staining has not been 100% eliminated even with the latest and greatest technology, so you want to be at least aware of staining foods.

Tips to avoid ceramic braces stains

  1. Be much more careful if you have braces with elastics or power chains, as these are much more prone to staining than self-ligating ceramic braces.
  2. Avoid smoking if possible – it will stain your braces and even your teeth.
  3. Avoid the following foods or eat in strict moderation:
    1. Curries and anything with turmeric (an Indian spice), this is a very powerful staining agent.
    2. Tomato based foods
    3. Mustard
    4. Coffee and coffee drinks
    5. Black tea
    6. Dark soft drinks (Coca Cola, Root Beer, Pepsi, etc)
  4. Brush and floss your teeth after drinking and eating, use a toothpaste with baking soda (a natural whitening agent) or one of the commercial whitening brands.
  5. Gargle with whitening mouthwash regularly.
  6. If you eat some of the foods or drinks above, brush or at least rinse out your mouth as soon as possible.
  7. Even better, drink water with lemon after eating these foods (rinse with water afterwards to neutralize the acid in the lemons).
  8. If you must have your coffee, tea or soft drinks, drink them with a straw so that it minimizes contact with your front teeth.
  9. If you have elastics or powerchains, and despite your best efforts they get stained between visits, consider opting for light gray instead of tooth-colored or clear. Gray is better than yellow.

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